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World Design Consortium is interested in design of Bicycles, Cars, Motorcycles, Trains, Ships, Boats, Yachts, Planes, Buses and similar projects for interested parties. Please kindly contact WDC for Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. Below, displaying an award winning project by BH/18528023. (Electric Bicycle Design) (Electric Bicycle Design) (Electric Bicycle Design) (Electric Bicycle Design) (Electric Bicycle Design)

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The P.G.Bugatti electric bike is the lightest and most advanced of its kind. The frame is made in a unique way with monocoque autoclave carbon. Integration of parts is one of the main focuses of the design. Based on the holistic approach of design all electronic components and lights are well integrated in the design of the bike. To give the frame maximum strength and minimum weight the bike has a single arm rear stay. Instead of a normal chain the bike has a belt drive. The P.G.Bugatti electric bike only weighs 8 kilos which makes it the lightest electric bike in the world.


Within the scope of Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Bicycle, Fire Fighting Vehicle, Folding Solar Catamaran, Motorcycle, Concept Warning System, Exotic, Electric Vehicle, Aircraft Passenger Seat, Folding Bicycle, Public Transportation, Luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicle, Multifunctional Car, Hypercar, Pleasure Boat (yacht), Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Motorcycle, Electric Bicycle, Mobile Home, Urban Logistics, Multifunctional Bicycle, Advanced Carriage, Vehicle, Nested Urban E-Trike, Kick Scooter, Electric Car, Mobile Kiosk, Camping Trailer, Tire, Multifunctional Cruiser Board, Electric Unicycle, Train Improvement Concept, Bus Cabin, Hubless Longboard, Multifunctional Tractor, Roadblock, Lighting, Reminderlight, Science Meets Sustainability, Wooden Bicycle and Compact Garden Tractor. For more Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design works, check our design portfolio.

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