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Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design

World Design Consortium is interested in design of Performance-Based Ads, Integrated Campaigns, Guerrilla Marketing, Public Relation Schemes and More. for interested parties. If you wish to have a new design made. Please kindly contact WDC for Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. See our example work below:

Pepsico Nspire
Pepsi Metlife Stadium
Laxart Museum
Tee-Saurus English Office Buddy
Taiwan Black Tofu Brand Design
The Camo Collective
Garagara Summer Festival
Doran Doran
Nissan Skyline
Sony Semiconductor Branding
The Year of Roaster
Domm Restaurant
Venting Sandbag
Barb Perfume
Classical Raya
Nissan Calendar 2014

Within the scope of Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Transmedia Rebranding, Advertising Film, Media Kit, Educational Kit, Public Service Advertising, Awareness and Advertisement, Branding & Package, Catalog, Calendar, Brochure, Collateral Materials, Exhibition, Interactive Advertising Print, Mobile Kitchen, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, Liquor Brand, Stationery and Marketing. For more information regarding Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design works, contact us.

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