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Interior Space and Exhibition Design

World Design Consortium is interested in design of Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, Residences, Convention Centers and More. for interested parties. If you wish to have a new design made. Please kindly contact WDC for Interior Space and Exhibition Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. See our example work below:

White Futura
Nike+ Run Club On Huaihai
Shanghai Film Museum
Yaokai Anluan Court & Exhibition Center
Lock and Be Free
Into The World of Art
Airland Shenzhen
Lotus Square Art Center
Waterfront Lilac
Pone Transparent Shell
Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club
Tsingtao 1903
Lin Mao Sen
Yoshi Bar 2nd
Randen Arashiyama Station
Architecture Factory
Google Campus Dublin
Aix Arome Cafe
Shoe Class
[ripple] Club House
Pirelli Tyres Shopping Experience
Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema
Kyoto Silk
Wuxi Barber Shop
Hangzhou Zhongshuge
Misty Bamboo
2016 Taipei Public Housing Exhibition
Inside Out
Carnival of The Animals
Roam Into The Lake
Epson Drupa2016
Parkview-Nanchang Vanke Sales Office
Jerry House
Industrial Nature
The Alchemist
The Field Is Embedded With Wisdom
Foothill Residence
Mandarin Palace
Origami Space Definition
Times Ocean Club House
Peninsula Clubhouse
Suigetsu Japanese Restaurant
Pure Hall
Cohesive Bright Villa
& Dough
Guangzhou Jinyi
Xintangwanke Mall International
Insun Feeling
Mezzi Master
China Memory
The Wisdom Everywhere
The Light of Life
Zh/Cifi Square Modeling Finance Office
Change Vacation Hotel Dali
Natural Healing Workshop
Returning Hut
Eslite Spectrum
Eslite Suzhou
Kamon Teppanyaki
Huafa City Hub Wuhan
Yuhong Health Garden Sales Center
Experiencing a Japanese Style Fantasy
Reconnecting The Human Relationships
Baoding Xinhua Bookstore
Blue Lake House
Simple Intelligent Space
Sales Club of Xining Salzburg
Crystal Crop
Gira 2008-Light Glass Wall
One Beacon Hill
Light Pavilion
Urben Revivo Shop by Ann Yu
El Campero
Hunters Roots
Algotec Systems
University of Melbourne-Arts West
Pone Nest Aspiration
Spirit Concentration
K11 Natural
Mm Hall
Urben Revivo Art by Ann Yu
Mind The Sea
The Cutting Edge
Time Berlin by Ann Yu
Dule Japanese Style Izakaya
A Warm Clinic
Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere
The Work Project
Uber Hk
A Free Framework
Nike Studio Beijing
Funlife Plaza
Nanjing Bamboo-Themed Restaurant
A Space
Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby
Trend Micro Signature Office
Minggu Lai Yard
Whimsical Workplace
Poly K18 Office Building

Within the scope of Interior Space and Exhibition Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Airport Control Centre, House, An Interior, Office, Interior Design, Multi-Functional Headquarters, Mobile Public Library, Club House, Real Estate Agency, Restaurant, Residentail, An Office, Post Office, Commercial, Residential, Dental Centre, Digital Gateway, Shop Concept, Residential Flat, Cinema, Sales Office, Presentation Centre, Interior, Apartment Remodeling, Exhibition, Drug Store, Office Design, Home/Show Room, Retail Shop, Interior Space, Tourism Promotion Offices and Residence. For more information regarding Interior Space and Exhibition Design works, contact us.

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