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Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design

World Design Consortium is interested in design of Stuffed Toys, Miniatures, Baby Toys, Childrens Toys, Collectibles, Board Games and More. for interested parties. If you wish to have a new design made. Please kindly contact WDC for Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. See our example work below:

Makedo Toolkit
Qwikflip 6-in-1 Activity Center
Creative Wooden Creatures
Small Dogs
Mini Mech
Edge Dominos
Double Cross
Delta Games
Green Science
Braille Blocks
Rocking Zebra
Movable Wooden Animals
Emok Mamoki
Xmatrix Quadrus
Ar Globe
My Dino Series
The Woonkis
Ar Wonders
Diy Mini Press
Brickle C
Tumbler" Contentment "
Diy Rembrandt Press
Plama Marble Run 2d
Vic & Ddory (mascot)

Within the scope of Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Wooden Toy Set, Toy Kit, Drawing Templates, Toy, Labyrinth Puzzle, Toys, Wooden Toy, Smartphone Holder/Stand, Multifunctional Construction Kit, Construction Toy, Poplojik, Printing Press, Wooden Game, Board Game, Chess Set, Etching Press, Small Building Blocks, Re Configurable Toy, Building Blocks, Construction Set, Educational Toy, Toy, Toy Bricks, Cardboard Construction Set, Modular Toy, Modular Wooden Toy, Playing Arts, Game, Game Decor, Logical Craft Toy and Educational Card Game. For more information regarding Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design works, contact us.

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