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Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design

World Design Consortium is interested in design of Balls, Flying Discs, Exercise Equipment, Racquets, Bats, Clubs, Sports Equipment and More. for interested parties. If you wish to have a new design made. Please kindly contact WDC for Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. See our example work below:

Float Rower
Nemesis Fins
Elastomeric Technology Collection
Shr Flex
Velo Sock
Z2 and Z3
Happy Aquarius
Ep Series
Smao Paddles
Run Artis
Alphard Duo Golf Cart
Hoyt Techniq
Ecto Handplanes
Chubby Unicorn
Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2

Within the scope of Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Sweater Backpack, Sweater/Vess Backpack Design, Freeride/Downhill Skateboard, Shuttlecock, Archery Muscle Trainer, Swim Goggles, Kicking Tee, Golf Training Aid, Racing Sledge, Universal Smartphone Holder, Bodysurfing Handplane, Swim Fins, Swim Paddles, Snowboard, Rollercoaster Zip Line, Boxing Glove, Longboard, Soccer Training System, Frontal Head Restraint, Biking Helmet, Liquid Storage Bracelet, Water Slide, Bicycle Storage Solution, Snow Helmets, Snow Sledge, Indoor Rowing MacHine, Underwater Camera, Outdoor Gym and Sailing Equipment. For more information regarding Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design works, contact us.

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