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Idea Design

World Design Consortium is interested in design of Product, Service, Experience or Business Design Ideas, Creatively Challenging Projects and More. for interested parties. If you wish to have a new design made. Please kindly contact WDC for Idea Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. See our example work below:

Cans'n Caps

Within the scope of Idea Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Trophy, Advertising Concept, Cover For Menu, Promotional Lids, Bicycle Signalling System, Beer Color Swatches, Attachable Swing-Away Table, Print Ad, Vehicular Augmented Reality, Dustpan and Broom, Sunlight Reflector, Interchangeable Button System, Clasp, Independent Support, Bicycle Alarm Bell, Bicycle Lock, Sound Amplifier, Multifunctional Kitchen Tiles, Umbrella Sheath, Movie Ticket, Erasing Pen, Modular Building Structure, Gas Cooker, Wall Painting, Wall Poster and Mosquito Killer. For more information regarding Idea Design works, contact us.

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