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Graphics and Visual Communication Design

World Design Consortium is interested in design of Symbols, Logos, Typograhpy, Posters, Books and Page Layouts, 2D Packaging and More. for interested parties. If you wish to have a new design made. Please kindly contact WDC for Graphics and Visual Communication Design consultancy, tenders, jobs, offers and requests. See our example work below:

Horticultural Expo 2019
Picglaze Sample Book
Calendar 2016 “park”
Calendar 2015 “town”
Dressing The Screen
Nankin Lab
Calendar 2014 “town”
Calendar 2014 “farm”
Calendar 2014 “botanical Life”
Nissan Calendar 2013
Sata | Bia-Blue Islands açor
Calendar 2013 “safari”
Calendar 2013 “farm”
Calendar 2013 “rocking Chair”
Calendar 2013 “town”
Alicia Rius Photography
Agraz Restaurant
Calendar 2013 “module”
Good Morning Original Calendar 2012 “farm”
Utrecht City Theatre
Singapore Art Museum
250 Years of Stories
Pepsi X Shanghai Fashion Week 2016 Can
27th MacAo International Music Festival
If You Have The Silent Breeze
Widiba Font
Be Like
Nissan Gt-R
Nissan Note
Goo Anniversary Calendar 2017
Safe-Urban Beachwear
Pepcity 2016
Bengal Classical Music
Wanlin Art Museum
Posterrific Adventure of Anna Warrick
Nissan Fuga
Nissan Calendar 2015
Pwpw 2016 Calendar
Geometric Landmarks
Citroen in Lines
Distortion Series
Folk Fusion
Sananoor Co
Adria Airways
Calendar 2015 “botanical Life”
Calendar 2015 “bike”
Pop-Up Message Card “leaves”
Calendar 2014 “zoo”
Calendar 2014 “safari”
Calendar 2014 “flowers”
Nissan Cima
Avenor College
Predictive Solutions
17th Goo Calendar “12 Pockets 2014”
Ntt East 2014 Calendar “happy Town”
Yi Pu Ti
Origin-tree+you, Water+you, Earth+you
Kt Wiz Baseball Team
Calendar 2013 “zoo”
Standing Message Card “post Animal”
Ql Jrne 25
Emar Batalha-10 Years of Design
Amaranto Restaurant
Pain and Suffering
Calendar 2013 “waterwheel”
Good Morning Original Calendar 2012 “zoo”
M/I/M/Design District
Good Morning Original Calendar 2011-Zoo
Good Morning Original Calendar 2011-Safari
Universal Philharmonic Orchestra
Faces in History
Merlon Pub
"the Koganei" Koganei Civic Center
Ibdc-2014 Promotional Images
Ao Fish Market
Cargo Club
The Panda
Xin Sgcq Hotpot
Evergrande Kindergarten
Source of Life
Danh Hien Jewelers
Nissan×teppei Hayakawa
Nissan Dayz Roox
Mitsubishi Ek Space Custom/Ek Space
Galena Pharm Inc
Alpha Container
Ephemeral Eternal
Design Is
Feng He
Kuas Art Center
Tin Man Filling Station
Artificial Realities
National Essence
Nomad Apparel
Avenue Pitch Pack
Mtrl Kyoto
Have Salon Brand Identity
Harbour Space University

Within the scope of Graphics and Visual Communication Design, our partners have completed projects such as: Calendar, Corporate Identity, Language Icon, Logo, A Statistical Poster, Stationery, Typeface, Message Card, Business Card, Brand Development, Invitation, Christmas Card, Institutional Campaign, Corporate Design, Research Branding, Brochure, Visual Identity, Design Strategy, Exhibit Identity, Corporate Identity System, Print Ad, Infographic, Brand Identity, Poster, Posters, Corporate Brand Identity, Advertising Campaign, Creative Desktop Calendar, Advertising Poster, Public Poster, Graphic Design Category, Commerce Poster, Branding Islamic Identity, Book and Identity Visual Communication. For more information regarding Graphics and Visual Communication Design works, contact us.

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