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World Design Consortium portfolio of KT/18455582. If you wish to commission or consult KT/18455582 for your next project, contact WDC Secretariat. See example works by KT/18455582 below:

Calendar 2013 “town”
Good Morning Original Calendar 2012 “farm”
Goo Calendar For Your Own "12 Pockets"
Calendar 2016 “park”
Calendar 2015 “town”
Calendar 2014 “town”
Calendar 2014 “farm”
Calendar 2014 “botanical Life”
Calendar 2013 “safari”
Calendar 2013 “farm”
Calendar 2013 “rocking Chair”
Calendar 2013 “module”
Goo Anniversary Calendar 2017
Calendar 2015 “botanical Life”
Calendar 2015 “bike”
Sony Semiconductor Branding
Pop-Up Message Card “leaves”
Calendar 2014 “zoo”
Calendar 2014 “safari”
Calendar 2014 “flowers”
17th Goo Calendar “12 Pockets 2014”
Ntt East 2014 Calendar “happy Town”
Calendar 2013 “zoo”
Standing Message Card “post Animal”
Calendar 2013 “waterwheel”
Good Morning Original Calendar 2012 “zoo”
Good Morning Original Calendar 2011-Zoo
Good Morning Original Calendar 2011-Safari
Calendar 2015 “flowers”
Happy Pockets
Arc Calendar
Ntt Comware “season Display”
2013 Goo Calendar “month & Day”
Ntt Comware 2013 Calendar “custom&enjoy”
Seasonal Colors
Calendar  “color Cartridge”

KT/18455582 has award winning projects in categories such as: Graphics and Visual Communication Design and Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design. For more information regarding works of KT/18455582 and for future colloboration, consultancy or commissioning inquiries, please contact us.

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